Visit Augusta County Virginia

Historical Attractions

Once America’s western frontier, Augusta County is now home to some of the Old Dominion’s finest rural landscape, historic landmarks, and natural beauty. Here you will see Civil War battlefields, quaint villages (two on the National Register of Historic Places), the house where folk artist Grandma Moses gained fame for her butter and potato chips long before she picked up a paint brush, and 18th-century churches built when Revolution was in the air.

Augusta County Training School
Augusta Military Academy
Augusta Stone Church
Glebe Burying Ground
Old Providence Stone Church
Tinkling Spring Church
Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery
Battle of Piedmont
Valley Railroad Stone Bridge
Augusta County Courthouse
McCormick Farm
Middlebrook Historic District
Mount Sidney Historic District
Mt. Torry Furnace           

Of interest:
Augusta County Historical Society
R. R. Smith Center for History and Art

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